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Casper done
Well, this was certainly not the most enjoyable marathon ever, but the course definitely was beautiful. Most of the day I was running right next to the Platte River, which was great, and being back down at a more normal altitude felt good. Kirsten ran with me from about mile 6 to just past 10, and then Andres switched off with her and jumped in to run with me. Andres and I kept cruising but soon realized that Kirsten and Diane were nowhere to be seen. Long story short, we went one way, they went the other, our signals got crossed, Andres ended up going on his longest run ever, and we didn't see them again until about mile 23. At that point I had just taken in 2 oranges Andres got from a hotel we went by, and some powerade donated by a fisherman on the river. Needless to say, with so few calories, I wasn't feeling good, but I finally got some gu, banana, and water in, and cranked out the last few miles. My cold is still hanging around, but seems to be getting better. I guess a marathon a day keep the doctor away. We're off to Bozeman, MT now for a much better run tomorrow; thank you all!

2006-07-02 20:01:25 GMT
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Hi Sam and company,
This is the second time today I've checked the site. So glad that you have finished day 2. Sam, here are some verses that I read yesterday - most likely very familiar to you from Isaiah 40:28-31 (paraphrased). "Everlasting Lord, Creator of the ends of the earth, do I not know? Have I not heard? You do not grow tired or weary. You give strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak. When I grow tired and weary, and stumble and fall, I will hope in You, Lord, for you will renew my strength. Then I will soar on wings like an eagle; I will run and not grow weary; I will walk and not faint." Blessings, Kathy and Eric
2006-07-02 22:40:13 GMT
You're the friggin' man. You're doing us all proud. I'll make sure to catch you when you're in New Orleans, and I'll do my best to make it to Bay. St. Louis, too.

2006-07-03 02:23:10 GMT
keep up the good work sam...
--forrest foxworth
2006-07-03 16:03:49 GMT