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More on the Pig...

Cincinnatti and The Flying Pig really rolled out the red carpet for us yesterday!  We arrived at the start just before 6:30 and were greeted by a crowd of probably 10 runners, some from Fleet Feet, some that had just heard about the 50/50/50 site, and Iris and Denise from the Flying Pig Marathon.  We all chitchatted a bit in the beautiful cool morning air while we waited just a few minutes for a news crew to arrive to get the start.  He arrived, did a quick interview, and we were off!  The crowd thinned out as the miles clicked off, but it was so fun running with such a crowd at the beginning- almost felt like the real thing!  It was so nice to just be led right through the course with my own personal tour guides pointing out noteworthy sites and keeping me on the path, and I was flabbergasted by how incredibly they had organized their troops.  Whenever someone would stop running with me, someone else was stationed there to pick right up with me and continue leading me onward- so I was able to run with and meet some wonderful folks all through the run!  Not only that, but Iris, the wonderful race director of the Flying Pig tracked us down with her car shortly into the race and really helped keep us on course by leading us as well.  She even arranged a police escort through one section of the course that goes on a highway, which was absolutely phenomenal!  The finish was the icing on the cake- as they had put out balloons for me and a real finish line tape for me to break, and even had the Pig mascot all suited up there at the finish!  This was just a wonderful run, and it really couldn't have been better- the weather was perfect, the course was very pretty and just fantastic, and the people were phenomenal!  Thank you all!

2006-07-26 02:05:46 GMT
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Thank you so much, Sam, for the effort you're putting into this. And thank you for coming to Cincinnati and letting us join you for at least a few miles. Running the first 7.5 miles into Kentucky and then up into Eden Park was a great way to start out the day out. (And that was a great finish time, by the way!)
--John Fenton
2006-07-26 16:11:11 GMT