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25 down!
Last night we got into Louisville at a very reasonable hour after a wonderfully short drive from Cincinnatti, and went right to my Aunt Lea's house, where we were able to relax and catch up for several hours before we feasted on a delicious home-cooked meal at her beautiful house in the trees!  We had a wonderful time visiting Aunt Lea, and did our best to prepare her for what the marathoning would be like firsthand today.   This morning we were off a little later than normal and got to the start right about 7am.  Kirsten started with me and we were off and running into the cool morning mist of Kentucky.  The course was almost entirely on biking/running trails, which was great for avoiding traffic, but not so great for support crew getting to me and spectating, etc., but things still went very well.  Kirsten ended up going for over half and then Eric jumped in for much of the second half, though things were starting to warm up a bit by then.  I definitely felt the fast pace of yesterday in my legs today, so a little slower pace today felt good.  Not sure if there is such a thing as a marathon recovery run, but if there is, that's what today was.  We finished up as usual, had some good media coverage, and were back home for the massage/ice bath/shower combo.  Then we feasted yet again at Aunt Lea's on a wonderful lunch and we said goodbye to Eric as he was off to the airport to return home.  He has now passed the baton to Ed, my dad, who flew in to Louisville this morning, and we were off and running (or driving) again.  We've now made it to Huntington, WV and after a good dinner we're all ready for bed.  Feels good to have 25 marathons under the belt now.  Hope you all are well.  Thank you for your continued encouragement and prayers!
2006-07-26 02:17:02 GMT
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Sam and Company,
My love to you all. I am anxious to visit with Eric about all of the wonderful stories. I can't wait to join you all on the 9th and take part in the last marathons. Again, you are all in my prayers daily. It is a priviledge to be able to pray for you and to ask others to pray as well.
Much love, Kathy
2006-07-26 03:26:50 GMT
25 is a terrific milestone! Glad that Ed can join you as you enter the home stretch of the marathon of marathons. We wish you continued health, strength and blessings.

Cousin Mark, Betty (and Mr. Whitney)
2006-07-26 10:35:05 GMT
Sam, you must be an incredible young man with a wonderful family and support crew. I check your
progress daily and look forward to having you back in Miss for that final run! Good luck and God's speed.--TW
--Teri White
2006-07-26 14:50:36 GMT
Congratulations, Sam! Only 25 to go...Must feel good!;-)

2006-07-26 17:47:39 GMT
Congrats on the halfway mark, Samuel!!

Your pal,
2006-07-26 18:34:39 GMT
Keep it up Sam! We're praying and waiting for you to come to Tallahassee. The Rubottom home has space if you need some place to crash on Aug. 11. Some of us will be returning from 5 days in BSL that evening at about 8pm, but Emily will be home, able to let you in and arrange food if you desire. E-mail an answer if you can.

Don Rubottom
--Don Rubottom
2006-07-26 19:58:17 GMT
Where and when are you going to start in Philadelphia?
--Bob Lehman (NJ)
2006-07-27 01:03:15 GMT
Hi Sam and Team. I'm just so glade that ya'll are doing this for us over in BSL Thanks so much and Good luck and May God be with ya'll
Your freind Ashley (grand daughter of pat and willie aka willie and pats kitchen)
2006-07-27 01:13:53 GMT
Dude. Give me a start time for your Philly run. I assume you will start at the Art Museum.
2006-07-27 03:26:41 GMT
Hi Sam and company,
Yesterday I listened to an old time hymn that is one of my favorites, "Take my life and let it be consecrated". The verse that made me think of you is this one "Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of Thy love; Take my feet and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee." All of the verses really are a prayer of dedication to the Lord. Blessing today on all of you. Love, Kathy
2006-07-27 14:26:48 GMT
Hey Sam,
I didn't know you had started this 50 in 50! Just got this site today, where is LuLu when I need her? All she emails me about is the cookbook! I am in TOTAL SHOCK that you have finsihed 25 Marathons - Praise the Lord!!!! Hey, I hope you have noticed that I have not asked you one QUESTION in this email - that is a first for me, but I WILL have questins when you get back to BSL. We just had a work team get back from D'Auberville, they had a good work week. Remember they wanted to come to BSL but you had no room in the Inn (church). Chris and I will be praying for you for these next 25 marathons, and we hope to go back to BSL after the 1st of the year. I've enjoyed reading your daily postings, and your friends comments also. I noticed one from Pat & Willie's granddaughter. After all these races you are going to have to double up on Pat & Willie's good vittles! All for now, God Bless You and your wonderful servant spirit!........blessings.....Sue & Chris Rudolph...........Winter Park, Florida
--Sue &amp; Chris Rudolph
2006-07-27 21:16:01 GMT
It's awesome how far you've come!! I plan on joining in with you if I can maybe in Memphis. I might be riding a bike but hey, I'll just be there to support you! Tell Your parents I said hello.
2006-07-27 22:11:51 GMT
Hi! What a great achievement! Congratulations on 25 so far. How can we find out where you'll be running in Atlanta? I'd love to come join you for a couple of miles.

Good luck for the rest of your journeys!
2006-07-28 03:19:42 GMT
Sam, I just learned about what you're doing and I think it's wonderful. May God be with you every step! I'm praying for you.
--Joan Henderson-Leese
2006-07-31 04:20:56 GMT