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Hello hello, and so sorry for no update the past few days! We've had several longer drives and late nights and not much internet access, but we've now made it to Wakefield, MA! I'll give a quick summary of where I left off; #26 in Huntington, WV went great! After some trouble with my GPS at the start, we got off to a little later start than normal, but wasn't too much of a problem. A news crew followed me for probably the first 8 miles or so, with the poor camera man hanging out the back of their car, the side, anywhere he could it seemed. Then around the halfway point a young guy named Brian jumped in and ran with me for 5 miles or so, which was a great boost, and fun to run with someone local. It started to get pretty warm toward the end as we got close to noon, but not unbearable. I finished up on the Marshall University football field, which was pristine artificial turf, and a fun way to finish! After a quick news interview, the usual post-marathon routine, and a good lunch, we were on the road again. Mom and Dad did all the driving and powered through all the way to Philadelphia, where we got in around 12:30am. We crashed immediately after a scare of our Durango barely making it into the parking garage height-wise, and were up and going early again. We were a little late for our 6:30am start, but thankfully the folks meeting us there waited graciously! I got spit out of the car right at the art museum and made the Rocky run up the steps as my warmup! There was a slough of folks waiting there to run with me- all connected from having been in MS to work just a week before I started the 50. Great to see them, and so nice to have such support. I met Mike, who was to be my official police escort for the day- he was fantastic! He led me through the entire course and seemed to fearlessly put his life on the line time and again as he would fly into traffic on his bike to clear the road so I could cruise through intersections uninterrupted. Pat and Holly and several others ran strong with me for almost the entire race, and Holly was even celebrating her 50th birthday that day! Bethany led 2 support vans for the day, giving my great crew kind of a day off as they didn't have to drive at all in Philly traffic, they just rode. The day was very very muggy, but with cloud cover it never got too terribly hot. After a fun finish, we went through our post-run routine, and were off to meet Pat, Holly, Bethany and crew at a great Italian place north of town. We had a wonderful meal and visit, and then were off to Massachusetts. We made it in last night around 11pm, and were able to sleep in today! It felt fantastic, and we had a wonderful breakfast and have just been relaxing today, as I have a raceday marathon tonight here in Wakefield. It begins at 7pm, and should be a lot of fun. We'll hop in the car immediately after that and be off to NYC, where I'll be running in the morning. I will start there at 7am, and plan to run loops around Times Square with a lap or 2 around Central Park as well. Traffic will be fun, and this should be a great opportunity for visibility and spreading the word of our efforts to help the coast! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!
2006-07-28 17:47:07 GMT
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Sam and Company,
Keep up the good work; keep your eye on the goal. Relish all the positive comments and revel in all the support that you are receiving from so many good people and forget any nay sayers. They simply don't "get it". We are with you all the way!!!! Kathy
2006-07-28 21:09:28 GMT
I heard about you on a radio station last night I am truly amazed
2006-07-29 00:47:48 GMT
Sam and crew: prayers are with you as you head for my birthplace and all the potential "fun" of a city run. May the folks in Manhattan open there hearts to your efforts....Love, Aunt Lea
2006-07-29 01:23:45 GMT
Sam & Crew;
Way to go. I have been spreading the word about your run at my Pharmacy convention. Many people there have heard about you or seen you on the Today Show. Hope you get good press in NYC. Dick & Judy
2006-07-29 03:25:36 GMT
congradulations! i hope your journey continues without very many big hitches. we wish you the best of luck and hold you in our prayers. we hope to see you when you come to run in Dallas. love and best wishes, Kelly R.(youth) and West Plano Presbyterian Church (the youth group that came to Bay St. Louis in early June)
2006-07-29 03:33:31 GMT
Sam - I knew you could do this bro. Keep it up buddy - you're well missed and well admired everywhere. It makes me just want to eat tons of lettuce with you. I'm following everything. Peace, BP.
2006-07-29 11:28:28 GMT
So great to see you all in Philly on Thursday and to meet Kirsten and your parents!!

You'd think I'd know by now to anticipate God's surprises and blessings, but he still amazes me every time. He sent us Mike to guide you ALL way. He helped us find you when we were lost. He hid the sun until you hit the finish line. He sustains and supports you and your crew every step of the way.

Many continued surprises and blessings as you serve him in this unique way!

2006-07-29 13:26:13 GMT
Sam, I will miss seeing you hear in Vermont. We will be away. We certainly pray for or Lord to keep your paths safe and for a lot of coverage of your efforts.
Let let me know if you need any trees cut out of your way:)!
God Bless, John
2006-07-29 20:32:04 GMT