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Another Busy Weekend!
After an awesome day of relaxation on Friday, we were off to the Around the Lake Marathon in Wakefield, MA that night ready for a 7pm start. Unfortunately a really bad storm came in just after 6 and the race was delayed until 8pm. Thankfully the storm actually cooled things down a good bit though. We were off and running at 8, and there was just a bit of light left in the day. This was a 3.1something mile loop around a lake that we ran 8 times plus a little extra. Certainly not the most exciting course in the world, but at least there was a great cheering section every 3 miles or so. The miles seemed to disappear into the night sky as I just cruised along. I met up with Chris from nearby who is planning to run with me in NH on Tuesday, and we cruised together for the first half or so, until he had to drop back a bit with stomach problems. I finished up right at 4 hours, stretched a bit, changed clothes, and we were off and rolling to NYC a little before 1am. I got a quick massage in the car, iced my knees, and slept the best I could til we made it to our hotel at about 4:30am. A one hour sleep in a bed, and we were off to run again in NYC. A little late for our 6:30am start time, we met Warren Greene, an editor from Runner's World in the lobby waiting patiently for us. We went down to Central Park and started the GPS, and were off. It was a 6 mile loop, so we ran it 4 times, plus an extra 2.2 at the end. It was a lot of fun running with Warren- we had a great time clicking off the miles together, and he even interviewed me a bit while we ran with a small mp3 recorder- pretty cool. So footage from that should be up on fairly soon I guess. The temp started to get a little warm toward the end, and humidity was strong, but we made it through. The hills in Central Park were more plentiful than I'd really expected, but it was a beautiful day and there were a plethora of people out running, walking, biking, blading, etc., so a very exciting run. One of Kirsten's friends Micah came out to cheer us on too- great to meet him as well. We finished up just as the heat was really starting to crank up, got some lunch, went through the massage/ice/shower ritual, and hopped in a cab to Laguardia airport. After 20 minutes or so of textbook New York cabbie driving with all of us holding on to anything we possibly could for support, we were at the airport and going. Our flights were pretty uneventful- into Detroit, then up to Saginaw, where we rented a car, had a good dinner, and were off to bed for a few hours.
Got to get on another plane now, but will update on today's run as soon as I can!
2006-07-30 20:13:24 GMT
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Sam: so glad that Central Park,NYC...even with a few hills...was your place for the'd still be trying to finish up if you had run laps in Times Square...all the people and traffic lights....Park should have provided a relief of sorts too from the heated pavements that are part of summer in the city...may theis next week go uneventfully and with easy drives that provide some 8 hour to your crew....Aunt Lea
2006-07-31 03:23:37 GMT
Hi Sam,

We met you in the Phoenix airport and flew to Honolulu together. We're the family doing 50 states in 50 days. We thought you were kidding when you told us that you were doing 50 marathons. We figured it wasn't consecutive days until we googled you and found your website.

We see that you were in our home state of Michigan. We're in our last week of the trip and are anxious to get back to Michigan ourselves. Knowing how hard it is just to visit 50 states and being runners ourselves, we just can't believe you're doing this. It makes our trip seem a little lame.

If you can spare a second on the road, check us out at

Godspeed to you, Sam.

Sandy Rosen
2006-07-31 04:32:57 GMT
I'm praying for you everyday and love to hear your reports and how God is just protecting you and your team. Stay strong and I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being. Martha in Seattle
2006-07-31 16:16:06 GMT
How much money has Sam raised? Is he just asking for money, or do we get to run along or something? Obviously we don’t get credit for running a marathon as none of the race directors seem to know anything about what he’s doing.

This seems like a blatant attempt to steal someone else’s idea and promote Sam more than a legitimate effort to help others. Come on, running in a t-shirt that says “I Need a Sponsor” is a pretty good indication not much planning or forethought went into this.

I’ll send my money directly to the hurricane relief effort for the good of the people rather than funding Sam’s self-promotion.
--William Manchester
2006-07-31 17:11:17 GMT
Run as if to win the prize, keeping your eyes and heart fixed on the goal set before you. I continue to pray for protection for you and the team in the challenges you meet and the attack of the enemy in attempting to thwart your plans. May God bless you so richly today for your obedience and faithfulness to follow Him, even in the face of the William Manchesters of the world who don't have an ounce of understanding of the man you are and the God you serve. Stay focused, man, and don't look left or right. You are on the right path, as God has led you to this point, on this day, and in this fine way.
Each day we read your updates we see more glimpses into the man you are, and who God is building you into. And we are blessed and challenged,as we consider that all of us are called to be faithful in the things God calls us to. Not all of us are called to do what you are doing, but we have our own 'marathons of the heart and life' that we must be faithful to, as you are. Hug one another for me. So thankful your dad can join the A-Team for this part of the journey.
God's blessings on your day and life.
Sarah from Bellingham
2006-07-31 19:05:21 GMT
Sam and company,
Isn't it just wonderful that William Manchester has made it known that he will be sending his donation directly to the Hurricane Relief effort instead of to you as that is what your desire and are asking people to do in this incredible venture. I think that it is wonderful that people are able to join you without having to pay money to do it. The money that they would pay to run a marathon could go directly to the actual need which is the Gulf Coast. Kathy
2006-07-31 20:01:18 GMT
Hey Sam, It was great meeting you and your support team in Carrollton. I was amazed at how easy you seemed to run in the heat and humidity. Keep your spirits high and don't let the small vocal minority bring you down. Run strong and keep smiling through the miles. Ann
--Ann Booms
2006-07-31 23:51:16 GMT
I almost don't know where to start with William's comment.
How much money has Sam raised? Let's hope in the millions.
I will say I am very grateful that William is willing to send his donation to a most deserved cause. He is to be thanked for that and I do thank him.
Credit for running a marathon? He almost lost me there.
As far as this Sam guy who may be stealing someones idea, maybe William should research and find out when Sam decided to take on this challange.
As far as race directors not knowing anything about Sam running in their areas, I would like to know who these directors are and what marathons they promote.
Self promotion?
This is downright laughable because it tells me William has absolutely no idea who Sam Thompson is, what he stands for, and what he has done this past year for the Gulf Coast area.
This shows complete ignorance on his part.
If he knew who Sam was he would know Sam is about as low key and under the radar as one can be about self recognition.

Fantastic job Sam. Thanks for everything you are doing for all of the Gulf Coast.

2006-08-01 00:09:38 GMT
If I didn't know better I'd say William Manchester must have some sour grapes over something. Such negativity and venting I hope will ease his troubled mind. He obviously has not researched his subject very well because his comments are so void of factual information. As a member of the team for 10 days I believe the Cincinnati race director would be offended by his comments having arranged a police escort to guide Sam in the Flying Pig Marathon. I also believe the "Today Show" and countless TV, radio, and news media would also be offended to think that they were duped in their interiviews by this man,Sam Thompson ,who is on a self-serving mission to gain attention for himself. I would also venture that The North Face would be offended as well having just sponsored such a poorly planned athlete with so little forethought. And as far as stealing someone else's idea! That offends me! Take a look at the public documentation of the idea and the truth will come out.

I hope Sam, who has been organizing over 100 volunteers a day in the Gulf Coast for the previous 10 months, puts your contribution to good use William.
2006-08-01 01:20:42 GMT