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We had a fantastic sleep in Plymouth last night, but as always could've kept sleeping for many more hours after the alarm went off. We were all really draggin this morning though, and just couldn't seem to get out the door. It was about a 20 minute drive to the start in Bristol, and I didn't end up starting the marathon until just after 8am. I started in the rain, and it actually felt great. Rain continued through about 10 miles, and then the sky cleared up and the temperature cranked up quickly. It was a beautiful course with a good deal of hills, but nothing too terribly bad. Lots of short up and downs and a few longer climbs, and most of the course circled a lake- up the east side and around the top, then a short out and back away from the lake and down the west side back to Bristol. The view from the west side of the lake was spectacular and reminded me a lot of Tahoe, just with smaller mountains here in NH. As I was just nearing the end- about 6 miles to go, Chris who I had met in Wakefield, MA on Friday night pulled up and said hello. Our signals got crossed, and with our superlate start this morning, Chris and I missed each other this morning. Chris came up to run with me, and since I wasn't at the start when I initiially said I would be, he just went ahead and ran the course on his own. He, too, had a great run though, and got to miss that last hour or so of warmer temps with no rain. I'm so sorry I missed running with him though, but it was really great to see him again nonetheless. We finished up back in Bristol, and were off to clean up and eat lunch, then on the road to Maine. Made it here to Portland around 6pm (and so glad we switched to Portland instead of Bangor as we would've had a lot more driving to do otherwise), and went out for a tasty dinner where we had of course had some delicious Maine lobster. It was a really fun, relaxing dinner, and now we're off to bed again. Early start tomorrow to meet a news crew before the start. I'm realizing life now really has been boiled down to pretty much just running, eating, and sleeping. I feel like I'm always doing one of the 3 now, and if for some odd reason I'm not, it seems I'm wishing I were doing one of the 3. Realized today also that ironically 3 years ago today I was also in Maine, but just a little further north. I summitted Mt. Katahdin on Aug. 1 and started my thru-run of the Appalachian Trail, so it's really neat to be in the state again! Hope you all are well- thank you, thank you for your continued encouragement!
2006-08-02 01:42:55 GMT
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2006-08-02 02:32:49 GMT
Keep it up Sam. I'm going to miss your DC-area tour unfortunately - going to Seattle to procure my next apartment. Hopefully I will see you soon though. Congrats man, you're doing great.
2006-08-02 15:47:57 GMT
Hi there buddy,
Your name has come up so much in the past 3 weeks in random occurrences. I tried to call you, but I think I have an old cell number. I just got to Baghdad, and I will be here for the next 3 months. It has been quite interesting to see the operation over here. The team is excited about our good news mission, and we are beginning to dig in our heels to try to make a difference. One of our team members has a website, and it will include blogs, pictures, interviews, etc. I would love for you to take a look if you have time. I wish that I was going to be in dc - sad :(. Keep up your great work. I am so proud of you.
--Rebekah Williams
2006-08-02 19:09:22 GMT