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Portland, ME
We were off to an early start this morning, met a news crew at 5:50 at the start, and we were greeted by an awesome crew of folks from OEST, an engineering and architectural firm in Portland that got excited about supporting me here in town through an old friend from high school in Vicksburg who now works there- crazy how things work out! They had probably 15 people out, tons of support signs made up, and even drove 2 support vehicles for the entirety of the course, giving my great crew a day off from course navigation and driving so they could just ride. After delaying starting a bit to allow the news to do a few more things, we were off and running about 6:45, and I had a great crew with me. The entire course I had wonderful encouraging people running and biking with me from OEST- it was fantastic! They were a well oiled machine. They just alternated between them between riding in the support vehicles, biking, and running and it all happened very seamlessly it seemed. I just kept moving along with one foot in front of the other. Rumor had it that today was to be the hottest day of the year in Maine, but fortunately just 5 or so miles into the run I felt raindrops, and we had a nice light rain all the way up to mile 16 or so. It never felt all that warm until the last few miles, and even then was nothing compared to Mississippi weather. We finished strong, a big crew of folks cruising in to a real finish line tape for me to break, and 2 more news cameras. Sarah Teaford from Vicksburg had arranged all of the news coverage, her company's awesome help, and countless other things- she made it a totally stress free run and day. We went back to the hotel for our quick post-run routine, and then Sarah led us over to a news studio for an instudio interview with a really nice anchor there for an evening news show. Then Sarah sent us off with a huge bag of delicious sandwiches, etc., and we were off to Rhode Island before we knew it. Made great time right through Boston, and on into Rhode Island, and we're now in Newport ready for another beautiful run tomorrow morning. Looking very much forward to another good night's sleep tonight! Hope this finds everyone well!
2006-08-03 01:33:30 GMT
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Sam and Company,
Another day filled with support and good wishes from wonderful people who believe in what you are doing. Blessings, Kathy
2006-08-03 02:03:55 GMT
Well on to another absolutely beautiful spot...different for the natural beauty of the AT,,,,but things built by human hands with the backdrop of the Atlantic can't be beat on a clear day...may the clouds move in with a few sprinkles at just the right time tomorrow...and may there be another wonderful support crew...know that makes for a much more stress free day for your folks...Kirsten footing....prayers and hugs.... Aunt Lea
2006-08-03 02:34:13 GMT
I just got back in the US. I've been looking at your progress everyday. You are amazing!!!! Keep your eye focused on the 19th, be careful not to stub atoe or anything like that. I'm glad your Dad is with you. Tell him "Hi". God Bleww.
Jerry Melton
2006-08-03 03:20:25 GMT
Sam, while you are in memphis on the 14th, I would love to see you and do whatever I can for you. let me know.

You are in our prayers.
--john beaumont from west memphis
2006-08-03 15:04:37 GMT
Sam and crew,
Bravo! Keep up the good work and amazing attitude! You inspire us.
Michael and Sarah from Bellingham WA
2006-08-04 01:02:41 GMT