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Read as Sam shares his feelings and experiences while completing the 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days!
3 down, and today was a fantastic run! Bozeman, MT is absolutely incredible- the people are amazingly warm, the weather was perfect, the town is beautiful, the surroundings spectacular. I started a bit earlier today and still felt pretty sickly with heavy congestion, etc., but after 15 miles or so started to feel a good deal better. Andres spent the morning emailing/calling/etc. while Kirsten and Diane were my crew- no major mishaps today, lots of nutrition and hydration and I felt great. I am realizing more and more that I'd be in big trouble without my wonderful crew!  I finished up on the University track here in town and had to run a few laps there to hit 26.2, ended up doing 26.3 for good measure, and Andres had two local news crews waiting and filming when I ended, so hopefully that will help spread the word! On the sickness front, I had a consult with our trusty team physician in Alexandria, VA, and he prescribed me what I needed. I will soon have my first dose in, so hopefully wellness will come soon. We have a long drive to Portland tonight- 11 hours or so, and then another raceday marathon tomorrow- the Foot Traffic Flat, so that should be fun. Happy 4th of July to everyone, and thank you for all your support!

2006-07-03 18:52:58 GMT
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You go, Sam! We're cheering for you!
--Alysun, Susan B., Kay
2006-07-03 19:33:46 GMT
Hi Sam and company,
I just sat down at the computer at work hoping to see a new entry for today. Great news that you are feeling better and that there were no mishaps. I think of you often, lifting you up in prayer, asking God to give you infuse you with his Spirit and energy; anything beyond what you have ever experienced before. Much love, Kathy S.
P.S. Kirsten, I e-mailed cousin Keith with the info. and website and asked him to forward a message to all of the Dyer cousins; including Jay and Amber. Hopefully you will hear from many, many people who are behind you 100%.
2006-07-03 20:49:06 GMT
This is so cool! I just found this website randomly, but I wish you luck! I am definately going to track your progress!My thoughts and prayers are with you!
2006-07-04 01:59:10 GMT
Glad to hear you're feeling better! Glad you and the team are doing well! David wants to send you all a heart and a kiss (and some extra 5 year-old zip)!
2006-07-04 11:57:41 GMT
P.S. Just checked the Foot Traffic Flat info---Don't forget the strawberry shortcake!!!
--Dan and David
2006-07-04 12:04:59 GMT