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Read as Sam shares his feelings and experiences while completing the 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days!
Just letting folks know I'm running the Atlantic City marathon course tomorrow morning and will begin at 6am. So sorry about the late notice, but hope to see anyone who can make it out there! More to come tomorrow...
2006-08-05 03:14:05 GMT
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Go Sam! I remember your crazy self from high school. Wish I could run parts of the Dallas marathon with you, but I'll be teaching then:( Good luck!
2006-08-05 07:32:58 GMT
May the sea breezes lift your steps and spirits...can you begin to smell the finsh line??
Had a nice visit with friends these last two days and their son in law is an ultra of those 100 mile crazies...I told them of your exploits...may all go very well for you and crew today...Aunt Lea
2006-08-05 14:27:23 GMT
Sam and Crew,
I am still following your quest daily and am forever amazed at your strength and tenacity. You are an inspiration to volunteers and marathoners alike. When I first heard what you were planning, I thought that it was physically impossible- but apparently you are proving all the "doubting Thomases" wrong. Good luck to you all!!!--TW
--Teri White
2006-08-05 16:48:36 GMT
Sorry I couldn't get to see you run in AC (Atlantic City - not air conditioning). Keep on keeping on!! You are just amazing!!
--Nancy Lack
2006-08-05 18:13:02 GMT
I am so disappointed. If we knew you were in AC we could have come to cheer you on. We live 30 minutes away. We were with you in spirit. I tell everyone I meet about you and your amazing commitment to the Gulf Coast and running. Your NJ friends continue to be with you. Keep up the great job! You a superstar in my book! So proud of you! See you in this fall in MS.
--Leslie and Dennis Rafaniello
2006-08-07 18:22:44 GMT