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Delaware Marathon
Today was great! We got started early, though not quite as early as planned, and Carl and I were off in Wilmington, DE just as the sun was rising. This was Carl's first attempt at 2 marathons in a row and he did amazingly well! The course was essentially 4 loops that were 6.3 miles long, plus one other mile loop, which made for a fun run. I'm actually getting very accustomed to these loop courses, and don't really mind them much at all. I had some minor pain in my upper calf yesterday, but was feeling good today and had no pain. Kirten's best friend's dad-Mark- joined in on the 2nd loop and cruised through the middle 2 loops with us. He kept us on task, and was a lot of fun to run with, and definitely gave Carl and I a mental break. Carl and I finished up the last loop without too much chitchat as the cloud cover broke and the sun came through. The temperature actually was great though. We finished up strong and Carl and I ran even faster today than we did when we ran together in St. Louis- a new PR for Carl, and on his 2nd marathon in as many days no less. He is a true maniac! We got back to the hotel and went throug the routine, then we all went out for a quick lunch, and we were on the road again. Carl was flying out of Philadelphia a bit later to get back to Omaha, so we said goodbye, but are hoping to connect again for a few more marathons at the end of the 50!
We've now made it in to Frederick, MD, and a night full of running is set to begin. As I'm actually running 51 marathon distances in 50 days, tomorrow's the day for 2! I wanted to fit D.C. in also, but 50 in 50 in 50 was too convenient to throw in an extra day; hence this solution. So tonight at midnight I begin the Frederick Marathon, and should finish up around 4am. Believe it or not, the race director has been incredibly supportive and will be out there to lead me through the course on bicycle. There are even a few other folks planning to come out! After that one, we'll come back to the hotel for a quick icedown, etc., then on the road to D.C. for a 7am start at the White House. I'll run loops around the National Mall until I hit 26.2 miles and finish up in front of the Capitol around 11am. We are now off to D.C. (hour or so drive) to have dinner with my brother and his wife who are the proud new parents of quadruplets (and I'm the proud new Uncle Sam)! Then we'll shoot back here for hopefully a few hours of napping before the midnight start tonight. Oh, and I'll also be in studio at CNN tomorrow afternoon about 3pm EST should you be around a television. It's going to be a long long night and day, but should be a lot of fun. Hope you all are well, and thank you especially now for your continued support and prayers!
2006-08-06 20:45:42 GMT
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Sam & Crew,
You are right, tomorrow is going to be a long but fun day. Mind your steps in the dark.
We will be waiting to hear from you tomorrow. I hope one of the quadruplets is named after their super Uncle Sam. God be with you all.

Dick & Judy
2006-08-06 22:26:11 GMT
Hello again fellow Sam.

Glad to see your quest is going well! Keep up the pace you're an inspiration to us all.

My own personal quest to track down every Sam on the internet and get them competing head-to-head gladitorially for kudos is also proceeding well.

I've set up a Sam-tracking top-sites type thing you may or may not be interested in. Swing by my site ( for more information - it's no scam, just some fun.

Essentially I'm aiming to recruit as many Sams from the internet as possible for a showdown of some kind. We're an interesting bunch, and it's worth celebrating that fact.

Hope all is well. Yes, I know it's a little weird, but I find the unusual to be interesting.

Best regards

2006-08-07 01:22:18 GMT
Special good wishes and blessings on your double marathon day Monday, Sam! You continue to amaze and inspire us.

Cousin Mark, Betty and Mr. Whitney
2006-08-07 02:07:37 GMT
Sam and Company,
What wonderful timing to be able to connect with your brother and family. Your life is full of amazing things right now. I will be praying for you on this venture! Take care. We are looking forward to joining up with all of you in a few days. Kudos to Carl! Kathy
P.S. So glad that Marc was able to join you in the run.
2006-08-07 02:46:08 GMT
Am the midst of this the quads were born....hopefully all is going well there...and your parents???...I can't imagine any more for them to think journeys for all, and now for all plus four more...have my VCR set for 3....prayers and safe footing...Aunt Lea
2006-08-07 12:39:36 GMT
Sam and crew,
Wow, this is an even bigger day for you all. We are praying you through every step of the way. We'll look forward to CNN program today too. We are thankful for the local support you are receiving at each location, including the race director leading you through! So there is good support at every level, cool. And 4 new babes to add to the joy of all this~ God is good.
Love, Sarah
2006-08-07 14:20:25 GMT
Sam and all,
I rocde in to try to find you this a.m., but wasn't successful. Drat! Anyway, Jim and I are thinking of you, and praying for you, as are many Old Pres. Meeting House folks. Bless you as you continue.
--Beth Roberts
2006-08-07 16:20:24 GMT
2006-08-07 19:51:55 GMT
I bet you are looking forward to those 50 naps in 50 days in 1 state.
--Nancy Lack
2006-08-07 20:04:07 GMT
Fantastic job on the CNN interview. 42+ miles in one day and you still have the energy to engage in witty banter with the anchor -- well done.
--John Goss
2006-08-07 20:06:20 GMT
Kudos from another OPMH (Old Town Presbyterian Meeting House) Katrina workcamp participant. I saw you on CNN. Run Sam, RUUUUUN!
--Celia Ochs
2006-08-07 22:51:13 GMT
Sam and Company,
As you would guess, my brother Jim missed your CNN interview today. This is hard to believe since all he does is sit at his desk and talk on the phone about running with a TV in his face. I am at this moment trying to figure out why we didn't get our recorder to work here at home. If anyone got the interview we would love to see it.
We are waiting for your report on the two marathons today.
After everyone's tempos, speeds, and recovery runs today we are anxious to hear from you.
Great to see you heading back towards home.
2006-08-08 00:25:35 GMT
Ok Sam, you made us cry today as we watched CNN. Your spirit and humility are so evident. Praise God for your tenacity and the obedience to see this through to the end, thriving no less! If the word wasn't out before, it sure will be now that CNN has given you prime airtime. God bless you and your wonderful team. Together you serve God with your whole hearts.
2006-08-08 01:09:07 GMT