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Tallahassee Marathon
We were off and rolling early this morning and actually made it pretty close to our projected 6am start, which was great.  It got mighty warm by the end, and I was thanking my lucky stars we made the early start.  There was a fantastic turnout of people there, almost all folks I had met on the MS Coast when they have come down to work.  A crowd came down from Thomasville, GA (including our awesome webmaster!), and there was a great group from Tallahassee out to support as well!  I had bikes guiding me through the entire course, but ran alone other than Kirsten and Eric jumping in a few times.  I kept a pretty good click up, trying to get as many miles done as possible before the sun came up, and ended up with a pretty good time for the day.  I finished up back on the track at FSU, and after a quick interview we were back to the house where we stayed for the usual routine, a great lunch, and then on the road.  We hit our last time change for the trip today- gained an hour!  and made it into Alabama with no troubles.  We're now safely in Birmingham and staying with great friends here.  We had a wonderful dinner and I'm looking forward to a great run tomorrow morning.  With a front page article in the paper here today, there should be a great turnout tomorrow.  My hometown running group came over from Vicksburg and I can't wait to run with them all tomorrow morning- they're really the group that got me started on marathoning way back when.  Looking forward to another fantastic run tomorrow!  Thank you all so very much for your continued support and prayers!
2006-08-13 02:11:24 GMT
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Great job in Tallahassee, Sam. You looked great. (So did Kirsten) It was great to meet your dad and her folks. The TV reporter said she is planning a Katrina anniversary story and because you were here she will likely highlight all the Christians in our area who have been coming to BSL to help. With Baptists, an independent Bible Church, PCA and PCUSA, there must be something real going on!

Godspeed as you finish your 51. We are looking forward to being back with you in Mississippi this fall.

Webmaster: great job. glad to meet you Saturday.

--Don Rubottom (and family)
2006-08-13 12:05:20 GMT
along with many others, counting them down almost to one hand... ...blessings on your next miles...thinking of you all....prayers and hugs...Aunt Lea
2006-08-13 18:33:20 GMT