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Little Rock Marathon!
Today was another amazing run! We had an early start and the temperature wasn't too hot after the storms from last night. Doug, a fellow Rhodes alum, was there to start and ran strong with me for the first stretch of the route, with Geneva the Race Director braving traffic and guiding us through each turn and step of the way. Doug and I were clicking off the miles quickly as we toured around town, and then it was just me and Geneva as Doug had to get off to work. Little Rock was really a beautiful city, and while the course is known for its brutal hills, I didn't mind them at all. I would echo their race motto- "what hills?" It felt great, and it was so nice to again not to have to worry about finding the course, etc. Gina, the other race director, also joined in part way through the course to help us out with vehicle support. I finished up back at the capitol, with a real finish line set up and everything. I even received the sacred Little Rock Marathon finisher's medal- the largest in the world! After interviews with 3 news chanels, a radio station, and the newspaper (whew!), we were off for our post-run routine at the hotel, then met Gina and Geneva for a wonderful pasta and salad lunch at the race's host hotel. Lunch was really fantastic, and a great treat, then we were on the road for Tulsa. Looking at the map now, I see that Oklahoma City would've been far more convenient in terms of travel, but I'm excited to run in Tulsa tomorrow! It sounds like we should have some great support and with another thunderstorm tonight here, we should have nice temperatures yet again!!! Thank you all as always for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!
2006-08-16 02:34:17 GMT
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May those evening thunderstorms continue to cool your morning steps....Love...Aunt Lea
2006-08-16 02:47:38 GMT
Sam, you are an inspiration to more people than you imagine. Thanks and God Bless You.
--John in WA State
2006-08-16 13:12:22 GMT

I hope you can bring some storms to Dallas with you - we're still suffering through 100+ degree days with overnight lows in the 80's. I'll pack plenty of fluids for ya!

Marcus - DWRM Director
2006-08-16 22:40:24 GMT
Sam, I enjoyed running with you yesterday and getting to know you,Kirsten, and your parents. What a support crew!
You are an incredible inspiration to all athletes and more importantly, humanity. The World needs more like you.
Keep up the good work!
Doug Menz, Rhodes Class of '82
2006-08-17 00:15:46 GMT
Thank you for your efforts to raise awareness of the Mississippi Gulf Coast destruction from Katrina! God bless you and all the others who help in the recovery efforts
2006-08-17 03:48:39 GMT