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Dallas White Rock Marathon!
So sorry for the lack of an update for the past few days, but I'll do my best here on what I've missed starting with Dallas. We made it out to the American Airlines center in Dallas actually ahead of schedule Thursday morning, and parked in the north lot. We soon met up with a news crew that did an interview before, then followed throughout the day, and a few runners were there ready to go, but not many. Then we realized we were on the wrong side of the building, so we drove over to the correct side and found Marcus, the race director, and a whole crew of folks from LGRAW, a running club just outside Dallas that I was part of when I lived in Plano. It was great to see such a crowd, and with the temperature already way up there even without the sun yet, we got going without too many pleasantries. Marcus was fantastic- he led us through the entire course flawlessly, and blocked traffic whenever necessary. Tony was awesome on his bike too- like he had been leading runners and blocking traffic his entire life. A fresh crew of local runners jumped in around mile 7, and ran a good bit with me- always makes me feel more and more like Forrest Gump when people jump in mid-run like that. We cruised around White Rock Lake, and fortunately had great shade most of the way. I kept my pace pretty steady and finished up strong right back where I started at the American Airlines Center, with a great crowd of folks there to cheer me on from Rhodes (they had set up an awesome water stop complete with donuts in the middle of the race, but I unfortunately had to pass it by), from the RAW running club, and a few others too. The race director gave me a finisher's medal and shirt and all kinds of stuff, and I got to eat a few of the donuts I'd missed earlier, then we were back to Tony's house for the usual routine. Tony decided to go ahead and drive the long trek to New Orleans with us then as well, so he loaded up his and his wife Maude's bikes and our caravan was off. This was our longest drive in quite a while, and we didn't make it into town until about 11pm, but were staying with another friend's aunt, who graciously hosted us and waited up for us to get in. We had a great sleep and were off and going again in the morning....
2006-08-21 01:02:59 GMT
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It's so refreshing to see so many different race directors and people from different running clubs taking the time out of their busy schedules to come out and support you. I hope all of your fellow runners will remember these kind people and support their marathons during the coming year. I know I will.
Way to go Sam and crew. You have done an awesome job.
2006-08-21 01:34:13 GMT
Thanks for the Rhodes namecheck, and I'm glad you enjoyed the donuts! <a href="">Link here</a> to hear yourself at the finish line!
--Catherine Cuellar
2006-08-23 15:20:25 GMT
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