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Feeling very Olympic today

Some of you may notice this as a quote from the movie Cool Runnings- we've been comparing this mission to that of the Jamaican bobsled team since the beginning- we're starting off kind of flying by the seats of our pants on faith, but momentum is picking up even faster than we'd thought! After another late arrival in town last night, we slept in a bit today, which felt great.  We then had a little trouble finding the starting line, but eventually got up there and started running just before noon.  Definitely not the best plan heat and sun-wise, but it went well.  Andres started with me and after a few miles decided he’d do his first half marathon!  He finished it strong, and I kept cruising for another 13.1.  Kirsten joined me a little later and ran the last 8 or so with me. We went right by the Olympic stadium from 2002, which was awesome, and good motivation to keep on trucking to the end.  Today’s run was another beautiful one- started on top of a mountain and pretty much just cruised down into downtown Salt Lake City for a pretty finish in a park.  ABC news was at the finish to get some footage and did a quick interview afterwards.  Because of our late start, we just watched the 5 o’clock news and saw us on there- very exciting!  We’re off now for a shorter drive today (“only” 7 hours or so) as we get to Reno tonight.  Thanks so much for all your support!

2006-07-06 08:45:46 GMT
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Great to see you made it to Salt Lake. That was some ride from Oregon. I talked to my cousin in Virginia and she thought she saw something about you in the
Washington Post. Hope you make big headlines across the USA. Wish I could be with you all but old age and donuts would probable prevent a complete run. Keep on running.
2006-07-06 11:31:56 GMT
Sam & team, you are amazing. I just went to BSL in May, so the stories & needs are still very fresh in my mind and are tugging at my heart. A good friend from high school was in Seattle for the holiday and he just happens to be a reporter and anchor for one of the largest AM talk radio stations in San Francisco - KG0 810. I told him about you and as soon as he got home last night he sent a "tip" to the newsroom suggesting they get you some coverage in Napa. He's not working this week, but hopefully they'll get someone there to spread this important news to a large listening audience. Blessings, strength and health to you all – it will be great to have you in Seattle soon!
--~Juli S.
2006-07-06 13:58:54 GMT
Hi Sam and Company,
Again, another new day and new adventure. We continue to pray for God's provision, safety, strength and guidance. May you all sense God's presence with you each step of the way. Kathy and Eric
2006-07-06 14:33:31 GMT
Hi Sam,Daughter and Team,

"One small stride for Sam, a giant stride for those who have felt the devastating effects of Katrina." A little over 25 years ago in this same month someone else said something like that. It was a significant event then and this one will be now. We pray for you daily that you may experience God's provision and blessing as a response to your faithfulness. Good luck today and we look forward to seeing you in Seattle. Dad
2006-07-06 16:34:38 GMT
I saw your story on the news in Oregon....what a quest you're on. I admire you for your desire to help others by taking such an incredible journey and spreading awareness about what help is still needed for rebuilding. I wish you much luck and success in your travels and achieving your goal. I've bookmarked your website and will be checking in frequently. All the best!
2006-07-06 17:52:32 GMT
Sam and Team,

After some initial difficulty in sending you an email, I was able to get one through this morning. Your dedication and passion is very inspirational. I've done my fair share of marathons, but it's hard to comprehend the scope of what you're doing. Please take care of yourself (both Sam and the team!). I'd love to assist your effort in Cincinnati on July 24th. Looking forward to hearing from you. Peace.
2006-07-06 18:19:48 GMT
I enjoyed your comments about your run in Salt Lake City. Even though it was sort of downhill, it is still a long run. I'm glad you are starting to get some coverage. Did anyone contact Guiness? This feat should surely make that. I read the Denver Post article on the guy running one every weekend. What a piker, huh?
God Bless. Thinking of and praying for you each day.
Jerry Melton

--Jerry Melton
2006-07-06 18:32:30 GMT
Hey Sam,
They had an article on the Clarion Ledger today about you and your mission. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you when you get back to MS!
2006-07-06 20:32:33 GMT