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Sunny Reno
We of course had another late arrival last night into Reno, but made it in safely just after 2am.  We tried for an earlier start this morning, and succeeded, but still didn't start what one might call "early."  The course started right in downtown Reno, rolled through there and out into some rural areas, then back into town and I finished right under the big Welcome to Reno sign across Virginia Street.  I wasn't expecting that much beauty in Reno, but it turned out to be surprisingly nice.  The only negative was the sun and heat.  The sun was blazing all day and I never saw a cloud in the sky.  My crew was awesome today, and I couldn't have done it without them (as usual).  They kept me super-hydrated and on track on a potentially very tricky course. 

We're now off to Napa, CA where we will get to visit briefly with my grandparents, eat a quick dinner, and then finally hit the hay at a reasonable hour!  We will, however, be getting out of the hay at an unreasonable hour, as I will begin running the Napa Valley Marathon Course tomorrow morning at 2am in order for us to make a 10:45am flight to Alaska.  After a nice ice bath here in Reno, we'll eat on the road and should be in Napa in a few hours or so.  Not sure what internet connection will be like in Alaska, but we'll do our best to keep you up to date!
2006-07-06 22:20:42 GMT
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Glad you had a great run in Reno :) The town is quite beautiful once you get out of the casino downtown area. I grew up there, loved it and still visit my family :) Kudos to you - I saw you on --m
2006-08-23 17:44:35 GMT