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Read as Sam shares his feelings and experiences while completing the 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days!
Well by just after 7am this morning, I was done with my marathon for the day.  After a wonderful visit with my grandparents last night in Yountville, CA and a quick 2.5 hour sleep, we were shooting to start at 2am on the Napa Valley Marathon course.  We ran into some construction though and ended up starting just a bit after that- 2:15 or so.  A bit surreal running through the valley in the darkness, but the temperature was cool and it was really a nice run.  My faithful crew drove right behind me the whole way shining the headlights to light my path, and as always keeping me fueled with calories and hydration.  We saw hot air balloons go up after the sun began coming up, and the valley was filled with balloons and a cool fog over the vineyards as the sun crested the mountains.  I finished up at the local high school, and because I had had a little trouble with my GPS earlier in the day, did one last lap around the school just to be totally sure of the distance.  Even had a nice surprise visit from some nice folks from an outdoor apparel company at the end.  We couldn't chat though, piled in the van, showered up quick, and hit the road for SFO.  We made it by the skin of our teeth, but the bottomline is we made it.  We've been flying most of the day now- from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC, then onward to Anchorage.  We're in Anchorage airport right now and will soon catch a flight to Cordova, where I'll run a raceday marathon in the morning.  It is beautiful here, and we're excited to finally not be driving all day.  Thank you all so much for the continued support and I'll update you again very soon!
2006-07-08 00:28:20 GMT