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Maniacal Seafair!
We made it into Seattle last night around 11:30pm, but after a long wait for baggage, we didn't get to bed until about 2am.  Since Kirsten is from Seattle, we stayed at her house there and with wonderful friends a few houses down, which was wonderful.  We got up early and were off to Bellevue to catch the start at 7am.  We met up with Kirsten's family at the start and it was great to see them.  There was also a sea of Marathon Maniac yellow jerseys, and many familiar faces poking out of the jerseys too, so that made the marathon a lot of fun.  The course was beautiful, though definitely challenging, and I ran the whole thing with Main Maniac friend Tony!  We cruised through the course pretty solidly and I ended up with a new fastest time on the string of 50 thus far and felt great.  After the race, it was great to chat with other Maniac friends, and I was cheered in by a throng of wonderful friends/family who had come out to the race to see me.  They'd tried to catch me several times on the course, but because I was running so much faster than my norm of late, they kept missing me, finally gave up and just went to the finish.  It was great to see them all though, and extremely uplifting.  Then back home for a great ice bath and a wonderful time of hanging out with friends and eating good food.  As always, our time in one place was very short though, and it  was hard to leave, but we got to our plane in time.  We're now in Boise, and so thankful we flew instead of the original plan of driving, we've had a great dinner, and are off to bed.  Looking forward to another fun run tomorrow morn!
2006-07-10 05:00:13 GMT