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Phoenix and Hawaii
After a wonderful especially long sleep last night (almost 7 whole hours!), I'm feeling great and ready for number 13 today in Albuquerque! The Phoenix run turned out to be quite a warm run indeed. After a live apperance on a Fox morning show just before 8, I was off and running none too early. Unlike the City of Trees course in Boise, this was most definitely a city of trees. There were actually a lot of very nice palm trees, but those arent' too much for shade. According to the car, the outside temperature got up to 116 while I was running. I finished up right near Sun Devil stadium, and laid down in some shady grass for a few minutes to cool down. A few more interviews, then back for a shower, massage, etc. We had a great lunch on the way to the airport, and got on the plane to Hawaii just in time for our 6 hour flight. We got in around 11, and my dad who was there on business was there to meet us. It was great to see him, even just briefly. We got our own car, and my dad guided us into Honolulu to our hotel, where we promptly went to sleep. We all had some strange night-time occurences that night, the most interesting of which was probably me waking up, making coffee, and getting ready for the day when Kirsten says, "what are you doing???? It's 1:40 in the morning!" I just responded, "oh, ok, I'll turn off the coffee," and got back in my bed. We all woke up again at the correct time and after eating breakfast of delicious fresh fruits- papaya, pineapple, mango, strawberries, were off to the start of the course. My dad was able to come with us to that to set me off for the day, but then had to go on to work stuff. The course was amazing, and the weather was ideal- an amazing change from the crushing heat of Phoenix the day before. Much of the course ran right along the water, which made for some stiff wind at times, but it was absolutely spectacular. There were 2 sections that ran along a highway, and Kirsten and Andres switched off running with me for those sections, which made them much nicer too. A news crew caught up to me around mile 24, got some video of me, and then the poor video man tried running after me and yelled asking me to please slow down so he could get ahead, so I obliged. I finished up strong and felt great, and we all went down to the beach for a few minutes where we got in the wonderful cool water and ate a quick lunch on the beach. After our few moments of obligatory Hawaii beach time, we were back to the schedule- got back and packed up and were off to the airport once again. Our plane was to get into Phoenix around midnite, and the plan was to drive straight through to Albuquerque for a run there this morning, but as all of us were exhausted, we amended the plan slightly. We got into Phoenix and just slept here last night to rest up, and we're now driving to Albuquerque for a mid-afternoon marathon run. Then we'll drive late through the night to Wichita, which will get us back on the normal schedule. Thank you for all your continued support and prayers!
2006-07-13 15:46:25 GMT