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Moving Right Along...
The Albuquerque course turned out to be much more difficult than planned. We made it there later than expected and didn't start until about 7pm, which made for a late night run. Most of the course was on a footpath by the river, which was very pleasant, but my crew had some trouble connecting to me at road intersections, as there really weren't any. Kirsten started with me and ended up running her longest run ever! Thankfully 2 angels from Hobbs, NM had made a special trip up just to cheer me on in Albuquerque, and around mile 16, they appeared on the course with loads and loads of water, which totally saved the day. I finally cruised in to finish up back in town, and ended right near a motel, where Andres asked if we might be able to take a quick shower, and the owner let us in no problem. The shower felt great, and then we were back into the car for a long night of driving. We drove straight through the night (and by "we" I mean my awesome crew!), and arrived in Wichita around noon, where it was scorching hot. We made our way to the marathon course start and after planning an amended course version (the official course goes through an Air Force Base, where I couldn't go in, so we just basically went around), and I was off. It was a brutally hot run, but I kept hydrated and made it through without much fanfare. We all piled back into the car (this time with no shower) and were off to Okoboji.

We made it into Okoboji just after 4am, and the race was to start at 6am. We checked into our hotel, and just as we got settled, I realized it was time to get ready, so with no sleep I made coffee, showered, and we were off to find the race start. We made it there in time, and I was able to chat with some other runners there- about 100 ran today. The course circled Lake Okoboji, and doubled back for about 6 miles, then finished up at a small amusement park on the lake. I ran pretty well, despite an accidental 3am feeding last night, which didn't make for the most pleasant run ever, but not too much of a problem. It was fun to do another race day course with other runners, and after a bit of socializing afterwards, we were off again. Since we had a much shorter drive ahead of us, we had a nice relaxed lunch on the lake, which was great. We've now made it down to Omaha, and it's actually still light outside (a benchmark for us for sure). We should be able to relax a bit and finally get a full night's sleep before running tomorrow in Omaha. We'll be meeting the Today show crew to do a live shoot at the start, so be sure to tune in to the Today show tomorrow morning at 8am! Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers!
2006-07-16 00:04:23 GMT
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Hey Sam! I think it is incredible that you are finding time to blog, after running a marathon everyday. I saw you on the Today Show this morning, and being a fellow runner I have to say I am in awe of you and what you have already done! Amazing! Keep it up! Roger Marcoux Bartlett NH
--Roger Marcoux
2006-07-16 12:58:39 GMT
Great to run with you briefly in Okaboji. You looked great for the wear-and-tear. Keep on keepin' on. -a.t.
--alex taylor
2006-07-17 21:46:24 GMT