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Read as Sam shares his feelings and experiences while completing the 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days!
After a great night's sleep last night (almost 7 whole hours!), we were up and rolling this morning to meet the Today show crew in Omaha. They were very nice and shot live at a scenic little spot by a river. I guess it went well, but I didn't see it- just a quick little interview though- short and to the point. Then we made our way over to the starting line, and just as I was about to start, a guy from Omaha pulled up and jumped out to run with me! I forgot but he emailed and said he'd be there to run as much as he could. It was great running with Carl, and definitely helped distract me from the record high temps in Omaha. Kirsten and Andres jumped in to run with me a good bit today too, and it was great! Carl went strong for 22 miles, got in the van, and then finished up the last mile with me, Kirsten, and Andres. We got cleaned up, and then went to pick up Kirsten's dad Eric at the airport. All 5 of us went for a nice lunch in a cool old market part of Omaha, and then we dropped Andres off. He must return home tomorrow morning to begin preparations for grad school, etc., so we'll definitely miss him, but are so grateful to have Eric with us now too. We've already pressed him into service, and he did a great job driving today. We've now made it safely to Brookings, SD, where the temperature today was 30 degrees higher than the average today, so we're shooting for a 5am start tomorrow to beat the heat a bit. After another much more manageable drive today, looking forward to another good rest tonight. Thank you all!
2006-07-17 01:10:02 GMT