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Leadville Finish

2006-07-02 05:22:40 GMT
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i've got the ff family lined up to support you. you wull have plenty of excitement along the way. ff jackson is proud of you and will be ready when you re-enter mississippi. hope your shoes are working well. don't forget the bodyglide!

jeff'n jackson
2006-07-02 10:41:58 GMT
Keep it going, Sam. The gulf coast proudly supports you. We'll keep tabs via the blog and certainly will look for any coverage via MSN. We are praying for you and hope that your quest will bring millions to remember that the recovery is still ongoing. God Bless You.

--Tim and Dot Couch in Pensacola
2006-07-02 12:59:24 GMT
Sam, As a fellow Vicksburgian, good luck! As the miles pile up and the days pass, you definitely will be tested. But, you have a GREAT cause you are running for, keep that out front.
"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift." - PRE
--Joe G.
2006-07-02 17:33:08 GMT
SAM: Met your friend Dr. Anderson in New York, very nice lady, she arranged for a hotel room in Ellicotville, NY - next to Holiday Valley Ski area, I run too! not marathons, maybe a half next month - CONGRADULATIONS, hoping to meet you, your famous and I say the add for a guy with a sponsor in Runners magazine, You did it. He's not as important now. Nameste, Bryan
--bryan fowler
2006-08-27 15:21:03 GMT