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Heat wave averted!
After a great rest last night, we woke this morning, got ready to roll, and walked out of the hotel into a wonderfully frigid temperature!  The run went incredibly well today, and I even scared my fastest time on the 50 so far today by just a few minutes.  I might have started out a bit feisty with my pace,  as it was so cool and I had to get my Mississippi blood warmed up a bit, but I backed off a bit after 15 miles or so, after remembering I had another few marathons to run yet.  The course was really fantastic, and I remembered my friend Paul had his PR on this course, so thought about him and smiled as I was cruising along.  Kirsten and Eric ran with me a bit today and traded off, and then I ran a good bit alone too.  The temperature never got up too high (not sure what it actually was), and the whole run was just great.  I'm starting to get used to this nice routine of less travel where I get to have a nice massage and an ice bath after running, get cleaned up, and eat a great lunch. We got to do that again today, and then were off to Minneapolis, where we have now arrived.  We're staying with cousins Mark and Betty here in town, and it's been wonderfully relaxing to be in an actual home and eat a delicious homecooked meal, and play with their little dog Mr. Whitney.  Tomorrow's course should be gorgeous, as it circles many lakes, and we've altered the actual marathon course to make it a little more traffic friendly without road closures.  Thank you all for your continued encouragement and prayers!
2006-07-19 02:22:34 GMT
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Sam, we're proud of you for your great work! We're enjoying following you and appreciate the incredible effort for a great cause. Do you know where you will be running in Atlanta? We'd love to come cheer you on...
Keep on running... it's worth it!
Lane Alderman
--Lane Alderman
2006-07-19 10:56:38 GMT
We have been tracking your progress and are impressed by your stamina. We are praying for continuted strength for your journey.
-Anne, Mike, Caitlin, and Ryan Doyle
2006-07-19 13:37:29 GMT
Sam, this is such an awesome thing that you're doing! I sent a link to this page to all of my friends and told them to keep you in their prayers. I check this page almost everyday and say a little prayer for you. Keep up the good work! God Bless!
--Stephanie Rodgers
2006-07-19 14:28:24 GMT
Keep on running man! We're behind you the whole way! I continue to pray for your good health and continued strength. Best wishes to you man and keep up the good work!
--Tommy Lofton
2006-07-19 19:32:25 GMT
Way to go Sam and Kirsten. Sorry I missed you in Seattle. Wishing you both good health all the way. Marge Thorgrimson
2006-07-19 21:45:04 GMT
One of the first opportunities I had to run with you was with your "Vicksburg Crew" on a picnic run on the Natchez Trace. Not knowing the course, all I wanted to do was keep your group in sight. Didn't take long for you to notice me running alone and come back to run with me and give support. Most people wouldn't have done that. Your encouragement was contagious.
I smiled too when you mentioned your friend PR'd in Fargo. Your friend qualified for Boston on that run and is still smiling and thanking God for your support.
2006-08-13 23:53:09 GMT