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20 down!
After a very short sleep last night, we were off to meet a news crew at 5:15 this morning. There was quite a storm last night in Madison and there were trees/power lines down all over the place and the rain was still sprinkling as we got to the start. The news backed out, as the storm was a more interesting story, so we just hung out until 6 to start, when some wonderful friends from Fleet Feet in Madison met us. Jessica got some great shots of us at the start and sent Matt, Ryan, and I off just as the rain began to really pour. It was so nice to chat with Matt and Ryan as we forged on through the crazy thunderstorm, and they were an amazing help getting through the course. We cruised through the first ten miles or so, where Matt and Ryan had to break off, and Eric joined me from there as we went onward around the lake. Kirsten ran the last half with me as we started to get make more wrong turns without our trusty guides. After several exasperating stops to check multiple maps, compare word directions, etc., Matt and Ryan appeared again like 2 angels around mile 20 or so. After that, we were homefree and they guided us trouble-free to a great finish. I think the rain stopped and the sun came out when they appeared too. With my GPS malfunctioning because of cloud cover, I'm not sure how far I actually went today, but it was definitely a good deal more than a marathon- oh well, a little extra milage never hurt anyone. Jessica was at the finish with my great crew and they even had a finish line banner set up! We got back to the hotel, showered, iced, massaged, etc. and went to have a great lunch at Kirsten and Eric's cousin Mary's house with her daughters Laura and Caroline. A great time visiting with them, though very brief, then onward we went. We quickly got some new shoes, etc. at Fleet Feet and then we were off to Chicago. We've now made it, and I'll fill in details of Chicago tomorrow. Hope you all are well!
2006-07-21 02:31:58 GMT
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We have been following you through your site and are honored to say we know you. What you have done for our community and continue to do will always be remembered. You remain in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks Sam!
--Piccola, Pat, Emma and Tia
2006-07-21 11:27:36 GMT
Hello Sam,

Can I run with you in Indianapolis this Sun? I think what you're doing is great. It would be an honor and priviledge for me to run with you. What time do you start and where do you start the Indianapolis Marathon?

Best regards,
2006-07-21 15:15:45 GMT
Hey, I'm friends with Mathew Manning. I live in St. Louis and was planning on riding my bike with you for part of the way tomorrow morning, if you would let me. Can I come? If so, what time are you starting the run, and where exactly are you starting from?
-Andrew Conrad
I'll check my e-mail late tonight.
--Andrew Conrad
2006-07-22 02:04:27 GMT
Hi Sam, I just became aware of your quest after you ran the Twin Cities Marathon course. I posted a note on our local webpage in St. Cloud so other interested people can follow your progress. Good luck, and enjoy your running!
--Ron Stock
2006-07-22 02:32:39 GMT