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This morning turned out to be another beautiful one, with comfortable temps and clear skies in Indiana. At the start I met up with Thomas from just a few minutes away who ran with me for quite a while. It was great having him along, and he's well on his way to his first marathon. We cruised through the first half together, then Thomas went back to his car, and I kept on going with Kirsten. Eric ran most of the first half with us too- his longest run yet of the trip. The course was really beautiful- it was actually out in Lawrence- a northeastern suburb of Indianapolis, so the whole course was lined with trees, and had some creeks and rivers and lakes here and there. I finished up and we headed back to our hotel where we had an awesome Sunday brunch and loaded up on fruits and other delicious brunch things. We got cleaned up and were off for Ohio. First though we made a stop at a local running store to pick up another GPS watch, as the one I've been using had apparently had its fill of mileage. The new one is set to go now, so I should be going as usual tomorrow morning. We made it to Cincinnatti after a great short drive, had a great dinner, and are now off to bed shortly. I'm excited to meet a great group of folks tomorrow morning to run the Flying Pig course with me! Hope you all are well!
2006-07-24 00:58:25 GMT
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Glad things went well for you in Indy. Looking forward to seeing you at the starting line in the morning.
--Brian Nash
2006-07-24 01:06:49 GMT
Sam and Company,
It's wonderful to read such uplifting thoughts in your blog and so glad to know that it was another great experience. The Lord is so faithful and good. I continue to pray for his protection in front, behind and on both sides of you as you run and also as the group travels in the car. Love, Kathy
2006-07-24 05:35:12 GMT
Dear Sam,
I was visiting in USA while your started your running. And now being in my home country Finland, I am very interested in this project and follow it by your www-page. May God ricthly bless you and give his power that you are able to finish the task!

--Taisto (= Battle)
2006-07-24 17:07:00 GMT
24th straight 3:35:00 Go Sam and company!!! just run jim g
--jim g
2006-07-25 00:13:22 GMT