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Flying Pig!
Just a quickie today, but more to come tomorrow- today was fantastic- had a beautiful, really fun, really quick run through Cincinnatti on The fabulous Flying Pig Marathon course!  3:35 was my time today, the best yet by another handful of minutes.  Amazing support from the great folks of "The Pig" and great people to run with the whole way!  I'm off to bed here in Louisville, but thank you all for your continued support and prayers!  More tomorrow...
2006-07-25 01:08:43 GMT
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Sam and Company,
I was amazed at your time! The Lord is providing so many blessings along the way. Keep it up. Blessings, kathy
P.S. I'm so very happy that your dad is able to pick up the baton where Eric leaves off - truly incredible God's timing.
2006-07-25 01:52:36 GMT

I had a great time running with you and Kirsten today and I was very proud that Cincinnati did such a fine job offering you hospitality! I hope you know how empowering your effort is to those of us who have elected to assist. I guided you from Eden Park to Mariemont and need to publically apologize for making you run an extra block because of my lack of attention. I have been joking with people today that it's humbling to run a quarter of a marathon with someone who, while running his 24th marathon in 24 days, is running at a sub-8 minute pace! Today's run qualifies as my speed work for the week! Bottomline ... I was honored to run with the two of you ... and I was proud of the Cincinnati running community. My prayers are with you as you continue. Thank you for including all of us. Peace.
--Dennis Timberlake
2006-07-25 01:59:12 GMT
Sam, I am so proud of you and your effort in the 50in50in50. I am praying for you every day for your strength, your health and his grace to be with you ever step of the way. Tell your mom I said "Hello" and so glad your dad is coming to be with you. Hope to see you when you come to Vicksburg. Sandra Brooks P.S. Kristen passes the interview!!
2006-07-25 03:54:38 GMT
It was an honor for Brent and I to run with you that last stretch to the finish on a beautiful day in Cincinnati. What a thrill to be there for your fastest time so far! You looked very strong into the finish today and I have no doubt you'll complete your journey -- and draw needed attention to the help still needed to recover from Katrina. We appreciate you picking Cincinnati and the Flying Pig to be part of this, and you'll be in our prayers the rest of the way.
2006-07-25 13:27:09 GMT
Streuth Sammy - that's a lot of running you got planned there.

Anyhoo, I'm just another Sam checking out what other Sam's are getting up to on the internet. Keep up the good work old son.

/tips cap
2006-07-25 23:42:07 GMT
Hey Sam:

It was great to meet you and your team yesterday on the Pig course. I know that it must be a bit of a grind right now, but the positive attitude of your whole group really rubbed off on our city. We have been affected by your coming here to share your mission. Thanks again for including the Flying Pig on your tour and please come back some May to show us what you can really do on this course.

Happy trails,

Brian Nash
2006-07-26 00:49:50 GMT