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         Rebuilding Homes, Communities, and Lives


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To raise both awareness of the devastation that still remains along the Mississippi Gulf Coast left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and funds in order to continue the work of rebuilding homes and lives in the area.  The hope and determination of the Gulf Coast region has been amazing to witness firsthand, and perhaps equally amazing has been the outpouring of aid from every corner of this great country.  Though media coverage for the Mississippi Gulf Coast has faded from the spotlight over the past months, great needs still remain.  With a new hurricane season on the horizon, there are thousands of people now living in nothing more than small travel trailers, and still others who have yet to receive any form of housing at all.  This effort will touch the nation on not only a national level, but also a very local level, reminding the country that “Everything is not fixed.”  There is nothing more refreshing than seeing our nation pour out their generosity to help their brothers and sisters in need.


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